The Studio at First State Floats

One-on-One Movement (Yoga) / Mindfulness / Meditation

Schedule your one-on-one time in the studio today.

Personalize your session with different modalities of meditation including (but not limited to) movement, yoga, guided meditation (iRest based), and intention setting.

We believe that we are all beginners when we walk through the front door. Movement and yoga will be adapted to your ability and comfort.

Please schedule your session in advance to give Krista time to personalize your session.  You will need to sign a waiver specifically for The Studio. If you have signed a float waiver, you will still need to a waiver for The Studio.

If you would like to have a small group of friends attend a private session, scroll down and check out our Just Because class!

Please call to schedule your one-one-one yoga session or email [email protected].

Meditation/Flow/Float Packages

Schedule your one-on-one or semi-private time in the Studio with Krista for some movement, breathing, and mediation before your float session.

You will have a choice to be gently guided through systematic relaxation and intention setting or experience some movement, meditation, and breathing techniques.  Some call the movement, mediation, and breathing techniques Yoga!

Plan to arrive about an hour before your scheduled float appointment.  You will need to sign a waiver specifically for The Studio.  If you have signed a float waiver, you will still need to a waiver for The Studio.

If you have any specific requests for specific movement or yoga flows, please email Krista at [email protected].

$25 per person. Floats are regularly priced.
This package may include up to 2-3 other people attending the movement session.
Semi private one-on-one sessions available upon request.

Please call to schedule your session or email [email protected].


Private Company / Corporate Classes

Want to bond over a class for a team building event?

Please call or email [email protected] for more details

Just Because

Grab a group of friends and come bond over movement, breathing, and letting it all go on the mat!

Every person in your group will need to sign a waiver specifically for The Studio.  If you have signed a float waiver, you will still need to a waiver for The Studio.

Please call or email [email protected] to schedule your next private yoga or mindfulness session!

Sloth Yoga

Join Krista for slow, mindful movement while we focus on our breathing and balance!

While there will not be real sloths, we will move mindfully through poses (asana) while feeling our breath move throughout our bodies. We will end with restorative movement on bolsters!

This class is for all levels! Never taken a yoga class before? That’s okay! Come play! Are you a master yogi? Yay! Come play!

When we step on our mats, we all become beginners for one hour! We will begin to bring awareness to only the space right on our mat!

Come with a smile! Be ready to let go, relax, and restore!

Members $10

Drop-in $12

Monthly Workshops in “The Studio” at First State Floats

Workshops are posted on our calendar.

Schedule of upcoming workshops with details available on The Studio calendar and Facebook Events.

Please call 302-595-2475 for details or with any questions, thanks!

We have multiple instructors that are certified (in one or more) to teach yoga (vinyasa, yin, and restorative), iRest based meditation, accessible yoga, adaptive yoga, children and family yoga as well as certified in life coaching, NLP, and behaviorism.

First State Floats at Glasgow Park


1-hour class

Sat       10-11 a.m.        3/7

Sat       10-11 a.m.        4/4

Sat       10-11 a.m.        5/2

Sat       10-11 a.m.        6/6

Learn basic yoga while incorporating fun music and breathing techniques. Ages 5- 16 with a Caregiver


One 1-hour class

Sat           10-11a.m.                3/28

Sat           10-11a.m.                4/25

Sat           10-11a.m.                6/27

Become familiar with basic yoga movement, this class is geared for fun for the entire family. All Ages

iRest® YOGA

One 1-hour class

Tue          4-5 p.m.                  3/10

Tue          4-5 p.m.                  4/7

Tue          4-5 p.m.                  5/5

Tue          4-5 p.m.                  6/9

Come learn through iRest® Yoga how to de-stress by deep relaxation and meditation on your yoga mats or sitting in a chair.  Adults