The Living Room

When you walk through our front door, upon arrival, you are welcomed into the living room.  This is where you will embark on your journey through our space.

The Waterway

Once your float oasis is ready, we will take you back into our water way. As you enter our water way, you will begin your float experience as we introduce you to “The River”, “The Bay”, and “The Ocean”, our three spacious float rooms.


The River

While the River and the Bay rooms are the exact same size, they each offer their own unique look and feel. Our float rooms in the River and Bay hold 170 gallons of water with approximately 1000 pounds of Epson Salt (pharmaceutical grade magnesium sulfate).

The Bay

The Ocean Room

The Ocean Room holds 220 gallons of water and approximately 1400 pounds of Epson Salt (pharmaceutical grade magnesium sulfate).  The Ocean Room also offers fiber optic twilight’s in the ceiling, as if you’re looking up at the stars.